March 10 2013









Welcome to the new version of

As before, here you'll find Freelance English-speaking drivers, mature and sane, capable of acting as guides and all-around assistants, and at times even translators and fixers. I've been keeping this list from about 1995, when a reliable driver with passable English was indeed hard to find, and regularly updating it ever since. This is a 2013 version.

What's new is that I've added Other people I know very well both personally and professionally, with whom we regularly work on same projects or send clients to each other. A small but versatile field-tested team has in effect formed, and at some point I realized a had on my hands something of a value worth revealing to the world. Thus the new Other talents section of When you hire me you get, as part of the package, access to a large variety of skills, abilities, and connections represented by my team.

Paul (Pasha) Voytinsky

“Making YOUR Russia Safe, Predictable,
Friendly, Inexpensive, and even FUN since 1994″