It’s back

Yes, after a period of semi-dormancy it is back. I’ve updated the list of FREELANCE DRIVERS, and now this little group looks better than ever. From budget to VIP, from oldies with 40 years accident free road survival experience to young hot ones who will take you from Moscow to St. Petersburg in 7 hours, from “just drivers” to those able to act as guides, interpreters, fixers, and all-around advisors.   More importantly, I’ve made an inventory of my social and especially professional milieu, and listed here people many of whom have been helping me or enlisting my assistance over years.  In effect a team has formed, and a well-tuned one too. I’ve only recently realized that this team with varied and complimentary skills is my most powerful asset, and a source of value to my clients. Shame on me for being such a slow-whit. See my list of OTHER TALENTS >>

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