About this project

Back in the 90s English was not commonly spoken.  There was no organized taxi. Driving habits were way wilder than they presently are. All that made me keep my eyes open for sane English-speaking drivers. Or, rather, people willing in moonlighting in that capacity. Thus the list that evolved into this project.

The list of drivers is here >>

I’m somewhat pissed at myself that it had not occurred to me sooner that I’ve in effect assembled around myself a well tuned in team of professionals that include lawyers, architects, artists, auto experts, archive wizards etc. etc. These are in fact the core of my strength, and the reason why I’m able to sort out a wide range of issues in a quick, efficient, and often economical manner.  Here I’m sharing these with you, first, to show my capabilities and, second, in hope of facilitating direct contact.

Other talents >>

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