Another game with rate information

Dug up one more example of my compatriots’ love for misinformation.. Sorry, Anthony, I can only place you in the Beware section. Below is Anton’s proposal.

Respectful Uncle Pasha!

It was been greatly pleasant to see your sights and Please will you consider mine very attracting offers which are as following:

$25 for transfers from any of Moscow’s airports to city (nearest underground station).

Only additional $1/km to anywhere in the city during times of none of traffic jams. If there will be traffic jams it will be only 40 cents per minute, for time, not distance. 

The client does not need to pay for my car parking. To avoid parking payment all he needs do is to call me through the telephone when you are out on the street in front of the airport edifice. I will quickly drive to there.

I speak English well almost like a bearer of language. I lived 3 years in Toronto. I’m certaily will find common language with different clientele.

How much in advance to they notify before they arrival? If possible I’d like 48 hours.

I am looking forward to a possible for successful collaboration.

With respects,


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