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Drivers still invited but..

Supply of ordinary drivers, even those who speak English, is now by far exceeds supply. Having a new Mercedes does not help much either. I will only ad drivers who will actively sell themselves and their colleagues **and this whole projects**. And who **have** something of value to offer. Otherwise I’m afraid, there is no point to adding more people to this list.

It’s back

Yes, after a period of semi-dormancy it is back. I’ve updated the list of FREELANCE DRIVERS, and now this little group looks better than ever. From budget to VIP, from oldies with 40 years accident free road survival experience to young hot ones who will take you from Moscow to St. Petersburg in 7 hours, from “just drivers” to those able to act as guides, interpreters, fixers, and all-around advisors.   More importantly, I’ve made an inventory of my social and especially professional milieu, and listed here people many of whom have been helping me or enlisting my assistance over years.  In effect a team has formed, and a well-tuned one too. I’ve only recently realized that this team with varied and complimentary skills is my most powerful asset, and a source of value to my clients. Shame on me for being such a slow-whit. See my list of OTHER TALENTS >>

WordPress experts

Three or four of them helped me to get started. Each has his strong side but none really qualify to be put on the “recommended” list.  Ask and I’ll give you the details. Two are the States, one in St. Petesburg, and one somewhere near Altay.

Site maintenance and promotion has been at the core of my little business since ~1997 and probably have a better understanding and feel for what works and what does not than most of the kids who offer web related services.  In particular talk to me if you need a bullet-proof maintenance-free site that loads in a second (see my www.cheap-moscow.com). Simple WordPress sites like this one are also possible.  Migrating an old messy site onto WordPress is another area where I’d say I know more than many who proclaim themselves experts. 

I need to make friends with information people

I want to make friends with computer people. No, not just “computer” but THOSE WHO UNDERSTAND WHAT’S HAPPENING AND WHAT’S GOING TO COME AFTER THIS SO-CALLED INFORMATION AGE, WHEN THE AMOUNT OF DATA BECOMES MORE AND ITS QUALITY LESS THAN THIS WORLD CAN SUSTAIN. That’s coming. It’s here. But my feeble brain fails to construct a comprehensive and credible model of the future. I need a genius. Free English lessons, horse riding, light cargo services (my truck and camper once transported nearly two tons of boxes!), the best of my culinary achievement or whatever else I’m in a good position to offer to humanity. Someone of the scale of Alfred Toffler of the 80s wanted badly!

A star of this list soon to move to Russia!

Looks like this super fellow, first a client and now a good friend of mine, is moving to Russia in the very foreseeable future.  An Australian of Singapore descent. An artist by calling and education, an electrician by trade, and a fan of antique cars. This time my mission is to set him up with a job immediately as he lands.

photo        firebird
That’s John and his 1969? Ford Firebird more →

Vovchik from Ryazan and his collection of “Russian brides”

Another star of my list, the famous Vovchik from Ryazan.

  • A historian, a history writer, an explorer of western outskirts of Russia, where the empire met Europe.
  • A medical doctor by education. Worked in emergency medicine. Turned to journalism and TV about 1995.
  • Thorough knowledge of the Ryazan scene. Politics, business, art, music, and everything else in Ryazan. Understanding of how provincial life is organized.



This treasure of a man can of course be put to uses more noble than Russian bride searches but Russian brides is the only product that is in any significant demand these difficult days.  If not Russian bride seeking clients the game would be over for me in about 2011. I subcontracted Vovchik to setup a couple of interviews with popular personalities but these amount to nothing compared to regular Russian bride search trips I organize to Ryazan. It’s been years since my last history-oriented trips. But Russian cunts sell and will keep on selling, and I have no choice but to deal in that nonsense. Looking for one? Talk to me and consider a trip to Ryazan as perhaps the most effective way to meet real women not yet spoiled by international dating agencies.

Still, I’m putting this post in Artists, General knowledge of the scene, and Medicine. Vovchik has either competence and/or numerous quality connections in these areas of life. Some of the drawings scattered around my sites were made by Vovchik.

Russian teaching genius

russian_alphabetI can recommend a talented teacher with a very different approach to language learning. He might actually be offended if you called him “teacher” for he more of a cut-around-difficulties master than anything else. His style is exemplified by the “Bluff your way in xxxxx” series.  No subtleties of Russian pronunciation, none of “o” vs. “a” stuff, no dwelling on pseudo-issues such as famous “soft consonants”. But he will show you a few tricks of how to speak clearly and distinctly with minimal vocabulary and no grammar beyond what’s obvious.  No case endings nightmare. None or very little textbook stuff. Instead he will help you notice extensive similarity between English and Russian. He will point out to familiar words obscured by all these Russian prefixes and suffixes and more →

About this project

What’s www.moscowdrivers.net?

First, it is freelance English-speaking drivers. Most are able to act as guides, interpreters, and all-around assistants.  I started the list back in the 1990s, when finding a sane driver who on top of it would speak English was not easy.

Recently, after a series of projects I’ll politely call “challenging”, the value of my acquaintances as a team has become apparent even to such a slow whit as me.  Thanks to them I am tend to get things done, and I am amazed why it hasn’t occurred to me earlier to present the whole team. The Other Talents part of this site does just that: to share with you other skills, assets, and talents from my immediate milieu. There you’ll find lawyers, journalists, archive experts, accountants, artists, architects, doctors, educators, car mechanics, travellers, producers etc. etc. – all these folks who help me get things done. I’ve known and worked with many of them for years and we’ve in effect formed something of a well-tuned team. When you hire me you get easy access  to a lot of diverse quality HR that can be activated as needed.

Use the menu above or the search function. Or just write to moscowdrivers@yandex.ru with a copy to paul_voytinsky@yahoo.com

Vadim the accountant

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100Vadim has been keeping me out of trouble with tax authorities for the last few years. His specialization however is corporate accounting and business registration. The latter includes obtaining dozens of permits per business entity. Recently I spoke to a hotel manager who said his Holiday Inn needed 138 inspections and permits.  If you plan to do any  serious work in Russia, first get me to assess the market and to give you an overview of the toils and troubles awaiting you. Chances are you’ll have enough sense to stop there. If not, Vadim will do the paperwork, and help you in transacting with tax, pension fund, health and safety, and numerous other controlling and supervising bodies.

He does not speak English and is kind of slow in responding e-mails. Better contact him though me. Write to paul_voytinsky@yahoo.com