This section is about common tricks, scam, and crime. I’ll  also list situations that, while not falling under any specific article of the law or explicitly contradicting the Decalogue, are nevertheless to be avoided. Behaviour of “not cricket” type is, alas, common in this land.

It is also about other “typically Russian” situation. Have you seen cars frozen into mud? Or a gas station that dispenses diesel fuel instead of gasoline? Stories like this will be piled up in this section too.

See recent real-life examples of situations you probably want to avoid >>

2 thoughts on “Beware

  1. Thank you for the reminder. The old page is and a lot of what you find here still applied. I’ll be adding warnings that remain relevant in 2013 to the Beware section of the new site. The situation with taxis is better. All the old tricks are still there but by far less common. Money exchange places are almost as scammy as before however. See Beware for an updated and refined list.

  2. Pasha,

    I remember seeing a much longer list on your Moscow Drivers site. Will it make it to the new version?

    I recommend adding this one too:

    (Stayed in your apartment on the canal a few years ago. A big fan of you and the concept you’ve created.)

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