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Gold Ring tours, Winter is the Soul of Russia (c) and Russian Misery Travel (c) adventures and misadventures, and as a support vehicle for horse back riding trips in the Upper Volga area, near Staritsa, Tver region. Explore the country, and at night a comfortable camp and a meal will be waiting for you.

Tcarthe cost is $250-300/day. Consider how much you’ll save on hotels, restaurant meals, and transportation. If you plan your trip right a vehicle complete with a capable guide will cost you no more than what you’ll be saving.

The camper is equipped with 3 beds, a gas stove, a portable toilet, a basic shower cabin, and a lot of camping equipment: two tents, a bicycle, a generator etc. etc.

Your driver will be either Pasha, especially if you need an English-speaking guide, or Dima, if you prefer someone young and cheerful who actually enjoys the process of dragging his and several other asses through huge empty gray cold space Russia is mostly made of.

Write to with the details about your trip and your needs.

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