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Filming logistics

Filming logistics

Living and office space, est. 160 cubic feet of it, towed by a powerful and reliable yet inconspicuous 4WD diesel truck. A fully bilingual driver with extensive field experience, understanding of the needs and challenges of filming crews and journalists.

  • Three sleeping places plus camping equipment to help you rest with comfort.
  • Two desks for you to work comfortably while in the field.
  • A gas stove, a refrigerator, a portable toilet, and minimalistic washing facilities that still allow to take full shower.
  • 220V power supply: 12VDC to 220VAD inverter, 1.6kW generator to keep your equipment running and batteries charged.
  • 20ft aerial for fast and reliable internet.
  • Comfortable working environment in winter, field tested

$300/day plus direct expenses! Yes, $300/day will get you a vehicle, a heated camper, a generator ($50/day to rent), and me in person attending your needs.

Also available for Gold Ring tours, camping trips, Winter is the Soul of Russia (c) and Russian Misery Travel (c) adventures and misadventures, and as a support vehicle for horse back riding trips in the Upper Volga area, near Staritsa, Tver region.


Write to with the details about your trip and your needs.

PS. Dug up more photos showing the setup’s capabilities..

A full double bed. Just like home in the middle of nowhere in winter.

Almost no smell from this toilet that can easily take 10 human-days of waste.

An example of a full meal served many miles from the nearest cafe. The driver is an accomplished cook too, with a knack for creating a proper meal  under any, even the most basic, conditions.

The White Sea, Kola peninsula, 1500 miles north from Moscow. The hood is open not because of breakdowns. It was pre-generator days, and 220 volts were obtained from two batteries (120+AxHr capacity) and a 1000Wt inverter.