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A star of this list soon to move to Russia!

Looks like this super fellow, first a client and now a good friend of mine, is moving to Russia in the very foreseeable future.  An Australian of Singapore descent. An artist by calling and education, an electrician by trade, and a fan of antique cars. This time my mission is to set him up with a job immediately as he lands.

photo        firebird
That’s John and his 1969? Ford Firebird more →

Dima from Staritsa. Fast, smooth, positive.

Young, cheerful, and just oozing with positivity. His BMW is clean inside and out, polished, vacuumed, and even perfumed. Fast yest smooth driving style. Based in Staritsa, easy access to Tver and Rzhev. Regularly travels to Moscow.

But no, I will not place you into Safe category. Sorry, Dima. It’s either safe OR fast. Can’t have both. I’m adding you to the VIP section however.  No English is no problem because a VIP client expect his driver to keep his mouth shut.

If you do insist on speed, Dima is as safe of a pick as you can make. His English is limited but given my special relationship with Dima (he took over my Horse Riding and the Dacha Experience project thus freeing me from what at some point threatened to turn into an eternal exile) I’m more than willing to act as an interpreter over the phone. more →

Delegate your auto related cares to us


Spotted in the back of Kutuzovsky prospekt, 2010-2011

Delegate your car-related headached to us. Dima knows the auto market, and is an expert in the mechanics and electronics of modern vehicles. Pasha is too familiar, back from the days when he too travelled between Russia and Canada, with what a year of sitting idle does to a car.

Travel to Russia regularly?

Want to have a vehicle waiting and ready for you?

Tell these two gents about your circumstances  and their will come up with a proposal. Write to