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Either I’m a slow-whit and a retard, or Alexandra is an information-search genius. She finds in minutes what takes me hours to locate. Examples of she has found for me or my clients:

  • Stories of undocumented locations. The most recent one was an airplane graveyard.  We showed up there and found a real airport complete with a real military jet plane that gave a ride to my clients, British movie makers from Discovery.  more →

Alexandra G.

Contact Alexandra at
Her site:  English summary soon! Mostly about polar research stations and nature reserves.

With great regret I’ve removed  Alexandra from the list of drivers. It turned out she can’t candle Moscow traffic. She remains however a star of anything related to information search and compilation. Archive work, interviews and reports, or anything else that involves digging through and sorting data. Talk to her if you are looking for information of any sort. Archive work is her particular area of expertise. 

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