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An iron smith, a welder, and an owner of a large cargo van

To soon be officially added to this list is Misha with all his multi-talents. These include

  • welding
  • iron work
  • making horse-drawn carriages and sleighs
  • training horses

Misha also owns a huge van that, despite its size, is still allowed to enter the center of Moscow, off limits to real trucks, any time of the day.  His wife speaks English and Spanish.  He would be a treasure if only his style was not as chaotic as disorganized as it is. He also drivers in a somewhat maniacal fashion.

Misha”s site >>

A star of this list soon to move to Russia!

Looks like this super fellow, first a client and now a good friend of mine, is moving to Russia in the very foreseeable future.  An Australian of Singapore descent. An artist by calling and education, an electrician by trade, and a fan of antique cars. This time my mission is to set him up with a job immediately as he lands.

photo        firebird
That’s John and his 1969? Ford Firebird more →