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Want a site like this?

Simple sites like mine, static or in WordPress, are easy to put together and inexpensive to maintain.

Full cycle: registration, hosting, monitoring, administration, spam control, troubleshooting, content management, promotion, backups etc. It can be kept together with mine so the extra workload would be quite light, thus low cost and high quality for you. If you have $100/month for comprehensive support we can talk about my taking over your site maintenance headache.

Want a retro site that loads under one second? See as an example.  I can and will be happy to help you with something very basic which matches my distaste for frills and technological redundancies..


WordPress experts

Three or four of them helped me to get started. Each has his strong side but none really qualify to be put on the “recommended” list.  Ask and I’ll give you the details. Two are the States, one in St. Petesburg, and one somewhere near Altay.

Site maintenance and promotion has been at the core of my little business since ~1997 and probably have a better understanding and feel for what works and what does not than most of the kids who offer web related services.  In particular talk to me if you need a bullet-proof maintenance-free site that loads in a second (see my Simple WordPress sites like this one are also possible.  Migrating an old messy site onto WordPress is another area where I’d say I know more than many who proclaim themselves experts. 

I need to make friends with information people

I want to make friends with computer people. No, not just “computer” but THOSE WHO UNDERSTAND WHAT’S HAPPENING AND WHAT’S GOING TO COME AFTER THIS SO-CALLED INFORMATION AGE, WHEN THE AMOUNT OF DATA BECOMES MORE AND ITS QUALITY LESS THAN THIS WORLD CAN SUSTAIN. That’s coming. It’s here. But my feeble brain fails to construct a comprehensive and credible model of the future. I need a genius. Free English lessons, horse riding, light cargo services (my truck and camper once transported nearly two tons of boxes!), the best of my culinary achievement or whatever else I’m in a good position to offer to humanity. Someone of the scale of Alfred Toffler of the 80s wanted badly!

Information hunter supreme

Either I’m a slow-whit and a retard, or Alexandra is an information-search genius. She finds in minutes what takes me hours to locate. Examples of she has found for me or my clients:

  • Stories of undocumented locations. The most recent one was an airplane graveyard.  We showed up there and found a real airport complete with a real military jet plane that gave a ride to my clients, British movie makers from Discovery.  more →