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It’s back

Yes, after a period of semi-dormancy it is back. I’ve updated the list of FREELANCE DRIVERS, and now this little group looks better than ever. From budget to VIP, from oldies with 40 years accident free road survival experience to young hot ones who will take you from Moscow to St. Petersburg in 7 hours, from “just drivers” to those able to act as guides, interpreters, fixers, and all-around advisors.   More importantly, I’ve made an inventory of my social and especially professional milieu, and listed here people many of whom have been helping me or enlisting my assistance over years.  In effect a team has formed, and a well-tuned one too. I’ve only recently realized that this team with varied and complimentary skills is my most powerful asset, and a source of value to my clients. Shame on me for being such a slow-whit. See my list of OTHER TALENTS >>

Russian teaching genius

russian_alphabetI can recommend a talented teacher with a very different approach to language learning. He might actually be offended if you called him “teacher” for he more of a cut-around-difficulties master than anything else. His style is exemplified by the “Bluff your way in xxxxx” series.  No subtleties of Russian pronunciation, none of “o” vs. “a” stuff, no dwelling on pseudo-issues such as famous “soft consonants”. But he will show you a few tricks of how to speak clearly and distinctly with minimal vocabulary and no grammar beyond what’s obvious.  No case endings nightmare. None or very little textbook stuff. Instead he will help you notice extensive similarity between English and Russian. He will point out to familiar words obscured by all these Russian prefixes and suffixes and more →

Alla the environmental law expert

Presenting Alla Dudnikova, a lawyer specializing in clumsy and convoluted Russian environmental law, and even more involved and incomprehensible practice.

She also regularly handles divorce cases. Divorced me fairly painlessly.

A naturally helpful person who will baby anyone under her care. Not the sort of a lawyer who will want an upfront fee per word uttered.

Lots of connections in all areas of life but especially in art, travel, medicine, and aviation.

An asset to Russian bride seekers too, and has infinite patience assisting this type of traveller. Several times I asked Alla to pass around profiles of my clients, organize meetings in a form that does not put anyone on the spot, or provide character assessments. Not that it helped any but that’s just the nature of the Russian bride undertaking.

An avid traveller. Talk to her if you want to integrate into local life by participating in hiking, biking, canoeing, or horse riding in Russia.

Very passable English, and I can always step in if required.

Write to the webmaster with a note “For Alla”. She responds fast and usually to the point.

Rate guide

Let me orient both clients and service providers (drivers) about common, acceptable, and “appropriate” rates. Note that this is a guide only. For specific rates see descriptions of individual drivers.

The range of hourly rates

  • $17-20 minimal for city driving, without long trips. At this rate you’ll get a driver who at best will understand basic English. No, he can’t be expected to translate, help you with keeping track of meetings, do information searches etc. Just “dumb driver”. Drivers of this category will often ask for $30-35/hour but will usually agree to $20-25.
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Vitaly Nefedov

Just added this one and Vitaly has already shown himself well. Responds fast. Liked by clients, several of which provided me with very positive feedback. Black Hyundai Tucson, 2009, of which he sounds very proud.

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