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First, it is freelance English-speaking drivers. Most are able to act as guides, interpreters, and all-around assistants.  I started the list back in the 1990s, when finding a sane driver who on top of it would speak English was not easy.

Recently, after a series of projects I’ll politely call “challenging”, the value of my acquaintances as a team has become apparent even to such a slow whit as me.  Thanks to them I am tend to get things done, and I am amazed why it hasn’t occurred to me earlier to present the whole team. The Other Talents part of this site does just that: to share with you other skills, assets, and talents from my immediate milieu. There you’ll find lawyers, journalists, archive experts, accountants, artists, architects, doctors, educators, car mechanics, travellers, producers etc. etc. – all these folks who help me get things done. I’ve known and worked with many of them for years and we’ve in effect formed something of a well-tuned team. When you hire me you get easy access  to a lot of diverse quality HR that can be activated as needed.

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