Criminal lawyer

nargisNargis, a criminal lawyer but I take most of my – so far minor – legal questions to her and invariably get a sensible answer or specific help, usually in the form of guidance in writing effective letters.

I would also like to remark on her courage. I’ve seen her walking up to an agitated  and possibly armed man with several Baltica No. 9 cans – vile stuff – in his belly to reason some sense into him. And she did.

She started back in the Soviet days as an idealistically-motivated criminal investigator. Specialized in cases involving dead often mutilated bodies. About 10 years ago switched into law.

Highly mobile. Guess she has to be given that her clients tend to be in pre-court confinement all over central Russia. Drivers like a maniac though.

Speak German. I can always relay messages and translate on the fly.


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