Desperate and will accept “any rate”

Got a letter from a guy who says he is new to Moscow, desperate for a job, and will accept “any rate”.

No English whatsoever. No knowledge of Moscow either.  The car is 1993 Niva. Not the most reliable vehicle there is but easy to fix.

Further, he is paranoid of Moscow authorities and asked me not to publish his name or contact details. Let’s call him I. from P.

I. from P. will soon learn why Moscow prices are what they are. In the meantime, while he is learning, suppose you can try taking him up on his offer.

Write to me, I’ll re-direct your e-mail to him. Be sure to mention “I. from P.” in the Subject line.


PS. My experience in contracting desperate ones has always been negative. Don’t say I haven’t cautioned you. Feedback appreciated, and should it be consistently positive I will of course feature the poor migrant.

PPS. Please note that I don’t have any knowledge of or feedback on I. from P. All the info in my possession is what’s in his letter, plus his e-mail in my inbox.

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