This is an information resource

While feedback is welcomed and encouraged (please use my board and/or make comments to blog posts, and of course e-mail me), and the webmaster welcomes enquiries, you contact drivers directly, and it is ultimately between you and them to make arrangements. The webmaster is in no way an employer of drivers/guides/translators/others listed here.

Things occasionally go wrong

From our side too. I encourage – and in fact require – the driver to offer suitable compensation and/or issue a refund. Again, I’m not their boss so the most I will do if things go wrong take them off the drivers list and put the in the place of honour in the Beware section.

Crappy cars, slow drivers

Drivers here are selected on the basis of their maturity, reliability, knowledge of the scene, and ability to provide all-around support. Type and quality of the vehicle is not high on my list of concerns. Their ability to drive fast Russian style is not appreciated either.

There are cheaper deals

The rates you’ll find here are not the cheapest to be found. The rates I recommend eg. for airport transfers assume that your driver will take his time and will not object eg. to stop at the bank so that you can exchange money, help you buy a local cell phone, and patiently answer your questions. For the lowest rates I recommend Gypsy cabs but only if you are well oriented in the scene. Next are ordinary reputable taxi companies.

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