Information hunter supreme

Either I’m a slow-whit and a retard, or Alexandra is an information-search genius. She finds in minutes what takes me hours to locate. Examples of she has found for me or my clients:

  • Stories of undocumented locations. The most recent one was an airplane graveyard.  We showed up there and found a real airport complete with a real military jet plane that gave a ride to my clients, British movie makers from Discovery. 
  • Information on people, usually well-known in the past but no obscure personalities whose existence is confined in unsorted parts of archives.
  • Information that helped us travel through exotic nearly deserted areas.
  • Rare things, from books to car parts. One was a comprehensive etymological dictionary of the Russian language. My old LandRover, an absurdity of a vehicle, keeps on running largely thanks to Alexandra’s ability to find sources of parts.

On the time vector her orientation is most definitely backward. Archives, cemeteries, and interviews with old-timers is her thing.

One of Alexandra’s ongoing real-life projects is the Kandalaksha Nature Reserve website. Under her care it turned not into an upbeat forward-looking modern resource as her bosses wanted but into a story of the reserve’s early years.

skull_2Graduated from the Moscow State University as Animal Psychologist in ~1986. Thanks to her eye for detail makes a living as an editor. Every summer, in the capacity of Junior Researcher, she climbs cliffs in search of Common Eider nests and all associated with that bird. Among the Kandalaksha Nature Reserve staff she is by far the best at spotting human bones, skeleton and, if scores of homarus don’t get there  soon enough, whole bodies washed ashore. An average of one whole thing and half a dozen fragments every summer.

Knows and likes birds..

Fluent written English but she won’t talk. I’m usually around to facilitate communications if needed. 

Write to with a copy to

Finding Boletus an other nobles of the mushroom kingdom
is one of Alexandra’s many talents.

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