A star of this list soon to move to Russia!

Looks like this super fellow, first a client and now a good friend of mine, is moving to Russia in the very foreseeable future.  An Australian of Singapore descent. An artist by calling and education, an electrician by trade, and a fan of antique cars. This time my mission is to set him up with a job immediately as he lands.

photo        firebird
That’s John and his 1969? Ford Firebird

The Firebird will have to be left behind. Here John is oscillating between a classic army UAZ  and a Volga, the last “great” car made in USSR. That’s what I would get myself if not aversion to motor vehicles I’ve acquired in the last few years. I applaud John’s choice provided I succeeded in getting across to him just how maintenance-intensive both these vehicles are.

uaz      volga24

His other talents include visual art. For a couple of years he worked as a web designer I think. But for now I’ll be positioning him as a driver. An easy integration point.

Yes, he travelled to Russia, hanged around for two months, and showed remarkable ability to feel good here under the crappiest of crappy circumstances. And not even once lost his good cheer! Normally I’m quite skeptical about ability of foreigners to adapt. Sure they occasionally do but at a cost of losing themselves.  John will remain John even in Russia.

John’s resume >>

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