What a regret this one seems to have fallen out of circulation as a driver. Julia used to have two (!) vans, both in excellent shape, and that was just one of her smaller contributions to humanity. In about 2008-2009, when I had my fill of Russian village life, Julian moved to the Kaluga region countryside. There she build herself two little huts and one yurt,  and last time I heard of her she was living there happily with a bunch of children, goats, and horses, with an old Belarus tractor as her only motor vehicle.

She is a psychologist of the Jungian school, a business consultant, and a lot more. A valuable resource if you are interested in the publishing business, in serious academic psychology, or in education, and in home schooling in particular. Or in the Russian version of downshifting. A valuable resource in many ways.

Passable English.

Write to me if you wish to contact Julia.

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