Maria will show you how the public transit system works

No car but she proposes to meet you by public transit, which makes perfect sense of you don’t have a lot of luggage, especially if you travel alone and IF YOU ARRIVE DURING RUSH HOUR. The rate she proposes is $25 plus actual costs, and these will be three trips (her going there, plus two of you back), which is about $15×3=$45. Plus $25 fee, Thus $70. Still makes perfect sense if you arrive during heavy traffic, which is pretty much most of the time. Plus you learn to use the public transit system.  A viable option.

Maria is an artist and a photographer. She graduated the English department of either the Linguistic or Teaching institute so communication will not be a problem.

If you are interested in an inexpensive room to rent in the east end of Moscow also ask Maria.

On the negative side, her e-mail response is often erratic.

Write to and

The original letter from Maria:

Please consider adding one more offer from me. I can meet travellers without a car. I will take them from any airport to anywhere in Moscow by bus or metro. I am impressed by your “we’ll keep you out of trouble guarantee” concept and will avail my services on the same conditions. Does $25 plus the actual cost seem right? They will still save about $10 even after paying for our trip back. I will not be charging anything for my getting to the airport. Or $35 from Sheremetyevo to Domodedovo? Feel free to to adjust the price to “proper” figure. Many thanks.
Maria Leonova

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