Igor with his pricing tricks

Reproduced verbatim. Note the “plus”. Parking is $5, occasionally $10 if there is a lineup at the customs. Average waiting time is 30-40 min. Adds up to $70-90. Why not just say $80?! Make it simple for yourself and others! Also your “good English” sounds machine translated. Except for “Deer Pasha”, which is obviously your creation. Sorry Igor, I can only add you to the Beware category.

Deer Mr. Pasha!

Please add my candidacy to your list of drivers.

With me is luxury car with leather saloon.

Transfer to Moscow centrum is only $50 plus park and waiting @ only 50 cents for 1 minute. For more then 2 passenges $15 additionally.

I’m 46, good english, can be guide too, energetic, cheerful.

What are conditions on which to advertise on your site?


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