Lice, fleas, bedbugs, mites, ticks, fly larvae and others who find us delicious

lice_expert_juliaJulia Lopatina, a descendant of German Lopatin, a revolutionary from 1980s, the first translator of Das Kapital etc. etc. His great grand-daughter remains on the frontlines of the fight for the brighter future but her enemies are human skin parasites rather than His Majesty, land owners, priests, and capitalists.

Why talk to Julia:

  • You are for whatever reason interested in mites and other little things that make you itch
  • Need to access the Moscow underworld. Part of Julia’s job is taking inventory of insect population feeding on the homeless so he is an in person in places that most of us try to avoid.
  • If you need to access the biology and especially entomology circles. Alexandra is into birds, fish, and marine invertebrates while her friend Julia is into little crawly things.
  • Science pays crumbs here.  To make a living Julia writes quasi-scientific articles with hidden advertising of medicines inserted rather crudely, which local readers still swallow. She also inspects living premises for the presence of parasites.  If something bites you in the middle of the night.. Well, chances are these are bed bugs but Julia will tell you which sub-species these are, enlighten you about the most minute details of their life cycle, and in very other way make you delighted. Should she fail she will tell you of the effective ways of getting them to bug off.
  • Have your pet tarantula or cobra escaped? She and her kids know their habits and where to look for them.

A long list of Julia’s publications, in Russian:

Write to me with a note “for Julia the Lice Expert”.

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