Played remote mechanic today

Got distressed call at 8am on Sunday from a driver whose car was held by a mysterious force while the client was about to land in Domodedovo.  Sunday morning is not the time where finding a suitable substitute is easy, so a call to be was entirely excusable. Turned out it was frozen brake drum on the shaft. Yesterday it was knee deep slurry all over. Then the temperature dropped, and the drum froze. Total time loss: 15 minutes of aimless panic, 15 minutes of pouring water of wheels which brought no relief, 10 min. of running around the vehicle, 5 min. on the phone with me, 5 min. of my thinking till I realized that if these are not the wheels, then there must be another brake somewhere till I remembered my old UAZ van with a drum brake right on the shaft, 5 min. of getting more hot water, 10 min. of splashing it on the offending mechanism, 10 min. of cleaning up after a crawl under the jeep. The driver still made it to the job.  LET ME ONCE AGAIN REMIND BOTH DRIVERS AND CLIENTS THAT MOSCOW IS FULL OF SURPRISES OF EVERY KIND. ALWAYS BUILD AT LEAST AN EXTRA HOUR INTO YOUR PLANS ESPECIALLY IF THESE INCLUDE TIME-CRITICAL THINGS LIKE IMPORTANT MEETINGS OR MAKING IT TO THE AIRPORT!

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