Russian teaching genius

russian_alphabetI can recommend a talented teacher with a very different approach to language learning. He might actually be offended if you called him “teacher” for he more of a cut-around-difficulties master than anything else. His style is exemplified by the “Bluff your way in xxxxx” series.  No subtleties of Russian pronunciation, none of “o” vs. “a” stuff, no dwelling on pseudo-issues such as famous “soft consonants”. But he will show you a few tricks of how to speak clearly and distinctly with minimal vocabulary and no grammar beyond what’s obvious.  No case endings nightmare. None or very little textbook stuff. Instead he will help you notice extensive similarity between English and Russian. He will point out to familiar words obscured by all these Russian prefixes and suffixes and case endings. He will show you that even the alphabet is largely based on what you already know, especially if Greek letters are not too Greek to you.

First meeting free, no obligation.

Lesson format is very far from what’s usually associated with “lessons”.  He likes working while taking a walk in the park, or going for a bicycle ride, or shopping at an old-fashioned country market, or even, for true authenticity enthusiasts, drinking vodka with neighbourhood alcoholics behind a garbage dumpster.  A countryside trip can be organized to places with not one English speaker within 50 miles. Combine learning Russian with a Gold Ring tour or rafting down the Volga, or a short horse riding holiday.

Speaking of  horse riding, taking the mystery out of interaction with the animal is another one of his talents. People who entrust themselves in his care for a couple of weeks learn more about horses than those who attend standard lessons for years. 

Reasonable and flexible rates. If he sees his approach works for you the fees will not be an issue.

Write to the webmaster at and I’ll put you in touch with this teaching wizard.

English lessons in the same fast result-oriented style are also his thing. In fact, for nearly 20 years he’s been teaching English to Russian speakers who found themselves in a great rush to demonstrate language skills, usually at their  immigration interview for which they had two weeks to prepare. That’s another thing: he likes to have with a deadline and clear success criteria.

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