Seven-passenger station wagon, excellent English

From my mailbox

Recently I’ve started searching part-time English speaking driver job in Moscow and come upon your website. I would like to join your list of English speaking drivers in Moscow and start with airport pickups and drop-offs for English speaking foreigners in Moscow. I am 31, have 2 university diplomas, good command of English, speak German a little bit, own Opel Zafira manufactured in 2004, with automatic climate control, which can take aboard up to 6 passengers (however almost without luggage) or up to 4 passengers with lots of luggage. I am available only beyond the office hours as I have a full-time job. My rates would be as follows:

I would like to earn 70 USD for pickup/drop-off from/to Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo and 80 USD for the same services in Vnukovo (30 minutes waiting during pickups in all the three airports is included. Extra waiting – $15 per hour.

I will be monitoring flights landing time and will not report at the arrival hall before the actual flight landing time thus extra waiting would be an exception rather than the rule.

I am ready to send you my photo and photo of my car if required. All your questions are welcome.

Look forward to hear from you
Stanislav Osadchiy (please copy to

Mob. +7-926-2206917

2 thoughts on “Seven-passenger station wagon, excellent English

  1. Thank you Pasha for adding my details to your list, however in order to avoide any misunderstanding I feel it will be better to change the title to “Seven-Seater Station Wagon”, because my car take not more than 6 passengers aboard (one seat is for the driver ;) … and now I am already 34, three years ago (when I was 31) I emailed you my first letter.
    Attached are some photos of my car, I’ll try to make one with all 7 seats


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