The unflappable Vladimir (INACTIVE)


Rates mentioned below are from years ago.

Vladimir Panin
(8-916-125-0149 if dialing from a Russian-registered cell phone)

  • Good smooth careful driver, with the right amount of aggression to get around fast on Moscow roads
  • Positive client feedback, from women especially.
  • Vladimir will NOT do small assignments, eg. $25-30 train station pickups
  • No out of town trips
  • He is a **driver**, no more and no less. If you need personal involvement and support try others from this site.


– Original Message —–

From: “Richard Watt” <mad_mac [at] madasafish [com] com>
Sent: Monday, October 10, 2005 10:24 PM
Subject: Comments on services

> Hi Pasha,
> Just thought I’d write and let you know my comments about the pickup and
> apartment.
> Firstly, the airport pickup. Vladimir was waiting for me at SVO 2, and
> he was very helpful. As you’ve written
> on, he’s dependable and unflappable. There were a
> couple of occasions where we nearly
> got cut up by a couple of muppets, but Vladimir was cool, calm and
> collected and reacted to it calmly.
> Secondly, the apartment. Yes, I know you’re probably still annoyed that
> I got the apartment to myself for
> US$25. Anyway, it’s a really nice apartment: you and Marina have really
> kept it in good condition, I just wish
> the one I rented in England when I first moved there was in such good
> condition (there was mold in a kitchen
> cupboard under the stairs that we could never clean up).
> >> exquisite methods of making the Brits understand what they are
> without formally violating UN conventions
> Hmm, I can think of a few: wiring 220V AC to their genitals is a very
> good tactic, the Brits value their sex lives
> above most things (people can even get a course of IVF on the state now!
> What the hell is this country coming
> to??!!)
> I’ll let you know when I’ll next be in Moscow – I’ll no doubt arrange
> some more services with you again. A new
> slogan: “When In Russia, Use Uncle P – You Know It Makes Sense”.
> Thanks,
> Richard Watt

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